Have you ever attended a Star Party ?

A star party is a gathering of amateur astronomers for the purpose of observing the sky.

Local star parties may be one night affairs, or even weekends, but larger events can last up to a week or longer and attract hundreds or even thousands of participants.

Check out this star party. What star parties have you attended ? What did you see that night?

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On a clear starry August night, more than 30 years ago, I stepped outside looked up and was hooked on stargazing! I have been dazzled and amazed ever since ! There are so many delights to see with your eyes and binoculars. After taking a few Astronomy classes, learning to read star maps and practicing, I began to understand the planet and constellation positions. When presenting public astronomy programs, I met many families that had difficulty finding the constellations and planets. That’s why I created Starry Trails, a fun and easy way to explore the night sky from your very own backyard. I wanted to share my knowledge of the night sky to assist as many of you as possible, so you could learn,understand and love the stars! So, what is Starry Trails ? Starry Trails is a monthly publication that helps you navigate and learn about the night sky. Follow us on Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/groups/starrytrails/

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