November 2014 – Get your Starry Trails

astro2   November is here! Now that we have changed back our clocks to Eastern Standard Time, we can go outside and enjoy an evening of stargazing right after dinner! The evenings are getting colder, so we will need to put on our winter coats, gloves, hats and maybe boots. If you are lucky enough to have a good south, southwestern view, you will be able to see the red planet Mars after sunset.

We will begin our hike at 7:00 pm. Grab your Starry Trail map & binoculars and let’s go!

November Highlights
November 2 – Daylight Savings time ends at 2am.
November 6 – Full Moon. According to folklore it is the Full Beaver Moon.
November 14 – Last Quarter Moon.
November 17 – Leonid Meteor Shower peaks. Best viewing hours before dawn.
November 22 – New Moon.
November 26 – The Moon passes north of Mars in the south-southwestern sky.
November 25 – First Quarter Moon.

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On a clear starry August night, more than 30 years ago, I stepped outside looked up and was hooked on stargazing! I have been dazzled and amazed ever since ! There are so many delights to see with your eyes and binoculars. After taking a few Astronomy classes, learning to read star maps and practicing, I began to understand the planet and constellation positions. When presenting public astronomy programs, I met many families that had difficulty finding the constellations and planets. That’s why I created Starry Trails, a fun and easy way to explore the night sky from your very own backyard. I wanted to share my knowledge of the night sky to assist as many of you as possible, so you could learn,understand and love the stars! So, what is Starry Trails ? Starry Trails is a monthly publication that helps you navigate and learn about the night sky. Follow us on Facebook -

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