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Welcome to Starry Trails !

A simple & fun way to explore the night sky as it appears from your very own backyard!
Learn about constellations and other celestial objects that are visible
throughout the Northeast Ohio sky.

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Welcome to Starry Trails ! Written by Suzie
                Dills - Backyard Astronomy !


    Although I am looking forward to warmer spring nights and the sounds of spring peepers filling the air, I will miss stepping out on a clear night and seeing our magnificent Orion, the Hunter! As we head into April, Jupiter and Venus continue to put on a dazzling show and there will be a partial lunar eclipse early on April 4th! Check out the highlights section for full details.

    In the meantime, letís get out and enjoy a clear spring night! Our sun sets later now, so our hike will begin around 9:00 pm. You may still need to grab your jacket, hat and gloves. Donít forget your Starry Trail Map and binoculars. It is time to say farewell to the magnificent Hunter, Orion. Orion will return to our night sky once again in early winter.


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